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Once purchased, home appliances require regular maintenance so that we can use them again and again. A well-maintained home appliance lasts long and provides hassle-free service.

We, at PingKaro, connect you with verified branded home appliances service centres instantly. Register with PingKaro and get connected with all branded home appliance repair services available near you. With PingKaro, you can easily maintain and repair your home appliances and lead a stress-free life.

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Home Asset Manager

Making your life easier

Upkeep of Home Appliances Made Simple

Home appliance repair - PingKaro App

With the advancement in digital technology, our dependency on home appliances is rapidly increasing; and so is the number of appliances in our homes. These home appliances come with a warranty or annual service contract covering repairs and replacements.

It is necessary to carefully store the information about the warranty to ensure the effective maintenance of the home appliances.

Since keeping and maintaining paperwork for multiple appliances is a cumbersome task, PingKaro offers a system that can store, analyse, and process the information related to the warranty of home appliances - PingKaro’s Home Asset Manager.

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HAM assists you by:

Appliance repair service - PingKaro App

Collecting and saving information about the warranty.

Home appliances maintenance - PingKaro App

Keeping a record of warranty dates of all the home appliances.

Home appliances servicing - PingKaro App

Sending timely reminders to you.

How it works

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Tired of tedious online searches? But not finding the exact contact details of your home appliance brand?


Not getting connected with the number you found online?

If your answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then it’s time to download the PingKaro app.

Get Verified Home appliance repair - PingKaro App Contact Details of Service Centres

PingKaro saves you from going through monotonous online searches to find the contact numbers of the brands service centres.

All you have to do is search the name of the brand in our search engine to get instant access to verified contact details of the brand of your choice.



PingKaro has been designed and developed to make your life easier by streamlining details and records of your home appliances. PingKaro’s valued users have shared their personal stories to inspire you to benefit from best-in-class services and the Home Asset Manager.